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(re)Introducing Shawn W. Harris

The journey began in the early Spring of 2012. A lifelong dream was starting to take shape. As the clock struck midnight on April 2nd, the Knot Just a Knot website and Bow Tie collection was born. Shawn Harris has always had an eye for the beautiful, the trendy, the fashion forward. He made the bow tie, once thought of as stuffy and unappealing, sexy and available. That was just the beginning.

As businesses do, it evolved and transformed, serving many needs. From High Fashion to Swim Suits, Weddings to Proms, and everything in between. As the customers were referred, or saw the website or just happened to meet him on the street, he was only happy to make their clothing and fashion needs a reality.

Shawn taught himself how to sew and over the years has refined his art. With the determination to continue to build his business from the ground up he has adjusted to the changing times and market landscapes. These very challenging times have forced us all to think differently and Shawn is no different.

The S. Harris Styles companies are pleased to introduce you to the next phase of the company's growth, with the launch of our custom designed, high quality face masks for adults and children. As time goes on, we will introduce, or in some cases reintroduce you to some of your favorites as well as new items that we hope you will enjoy. Thanks for your trust and support over the years, we look forward to continuing that relationship, and, we hope you'll enjoy your purchases.

Coming Soon: A Look at My Portfolio. We're working on putting together something special.
  • Bow Ties
  • Dresses
  • Male & Female Tops
  • Suits
  • Trousers
  • Accessories & More

Portfolio (coming soon)

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